How Do I Control ASSP Spam Filtering

We use ASSP Deluxe for our SPAM control on our servers.  We make it available for our clients to use if they wish.

The setting within your control are pretty straight forward but if you have questions please refer to the help icon and have a look.  Additionally I have enclosed a more explanatory version from the scripts developer to help guide you during the process.

By default the SPAM scoring is set to block 95% of the SPAM that reaches you inbox.  You can increase or decrease the scoring in your cPanel anti spam button.  Here is a link to further explain how to control your settings.

In the first days of usage you can correct possible errors forwarding the good email found in spambox to and spam not blocked found in inbox to

How can i whitelist an email address or a full domain name


1) Using the assp email interface: you should send an email to (to whitelist an email) and put the email in the body section (where is the email address to be whitelisted).

2) Each time you send an email to someone, the email will be whitelisted automatically, so the user should never reply to a spammer.

You can also whitelist a full domain name. You should send an email to and you should put * on the body of the message (where is the domain name to be whitelisted).

In a short time you will receive a whitelist confirmation (Whitelist Addition Report).

Note: You must send this email from a valid email account and using the smtp Also please be sure that "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires


" is checked on your email client (smtp advanced settings) .

When the whitelist is reloaded on your mailserver, the whitelisted email will bypass every email filter.

assp help screenshot

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