ASSP bounced back messages and errors

The following are the bounced back messages that your senders could receive when send you an email on hosted cPanel shared hosting accounts with ASSP spam system. On each error you can see the cause of the bounced back message.

554 5.7.2 Service denied, closing transmission channel (SESSIONID) --- It means the sender mailserver ip address is blocked by our ASSP Antispam at ip level .Please contact our technical support and provide us the email header.

554 5.7.1 Mail (SESSIONID) appears to be unsolicited - resend with the code xxxxxxx appended to subject and ask to have your email whitelisted. --- It means the sender failed the spam filters, instead to block him the system sent this bounced back message. If the sender reply to this message with the code in the subject, he is authenticated and the message is released to your inbox.

451 4.7.1 Please try again later --- This error is specific to the Delaying Filter. If you have delaying filter activated this error is the way it works, please read the delaying filter article for detailed information about how it works.

500 These attachments are not allowed -- Please compress (zip,tar..) them before mailing. --- It means the sender sent you an attachment with a file extension not allowed in our servers.

554 5.7.1 Mail appears infected with INFECTION -- disinfect and resend. --- It means a virus has been detected in the message.

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